Brooklyn in LOMO 6: Snow Bench

The Brooklyn Heights promenade one day after a heavy snow, taken in 2003 or 2004 and developed in 2012.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade


Brooklyn in LOMO 4: Snow Tree

Another from the same roll of film left undeveloped for 10 years.  Very cool results in the color of the images.  This photo is of a block in Brooklyn after a snow storm.

Snowy Tree

Brooklyn in LOMO 2: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Another image from and old roll of film left undeveloped for nearly a decade.  This is of the Japanese hill and pond at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Cherry Blossoms at BBG

Brooklyn in LOMO 1: Forsythia

I developed an old roll of film that had been in a camera under my bed for the last, um, ten years.  The results are pretty cool.  This week, I share some of the images with you.  These photos were taken in the winter and spring of 2003/2004 (I think).

Forsythia captured many moons ago.