iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap #7

The Sarasota Bay at sunset.  Like no other place in the world!

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I hope you have enjoyed my week of iPhone photos.

Sarasota Bay at Sunset


iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap #6

I found this oil, which I believe should be standard in every home, as I was rounding a corner in New Orleans.  It made me and my traveling companion, Malaika, laugh for several minutes.  How many times I could have used this!  If only it came in a spray.

Evil, go Away!

iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap #5

This dude I found crossing a sidewalk in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.   We stared at each other for some time before he meandered into the bushes . . .and likely onto a waiting meal.

Why did the Mantis Cross the Road?

iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap #3

While in California I found these items around my motel; they speak volumes as to what was happening in my life at the moment.   There is a screw for every nut!

There's a Screw for Every Nut

iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap #2

Walking through the neighborhoods of Seattle I was surprised and amazed to come upon this statue of Vladimir Lenin (yes, the communist one).  A small placard nearby said that after the fall of communism, an English teacher saved the statue from a scrap heap and convinced the Mayor of Seattle to buy and install it near a park.

Lenin in America

iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap

One thing I always carry with me is a mobile phone.  So even when have a camera, I still have one.  There is some debate as to whether iPhone photos constitute “photography.”   Instead of offering an opinion on the matter, this week I share favorite photos from my 2011 road trip.  All the following photos were shot with an iPhone and were taken when I didn’t have a larger camera along.

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I happened to be in Hawaii right before July 4.  I snapped this photo in Walmart [if memory serves me, which who knows these days!].  Interestingly, Fireworks have become a political battle in the islands (think: Chinese new year and other Asian celebrations) and in order to make a purchase on Oahu, one must possess a special permit.

Ready to Explode