iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap #3

While in California I found these items around my motel; they speak volumes as to what was happening in my life at the moment.   There is a screw for every nut!

There's a Screw for Every Nut


4 thoughts on “iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap #3

  1. See you can sort of analyze this in artistic terms. The rich grain of the wood combines well with the natural pointillism of the nut, but they are juxtaposed when the harsh point is taken into account. The nut, symbolizing indifference, stands in opposition to naturalistic tendencies, off to the left, denoting non-right. The rust starting to form is its slow degradation into natural inevitability. Plus, both the screw and nut are on the rule of thirds lines.

    Boom. Art. XD

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