iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap

One thing I always carry with me is a mobile phone.  So even when have a camera, I still have one.  There is some debate as to whether iPhone photos constitute “photography.”   Instead of offering an opinion on the matter, this week I share favorite photos from my 2011 road trip.  All the following photos were shot with an iPhone and were taken when I didn’t have a larger camera along.

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I happened to be in Hawaii right before July 4.  I snapped this photo in Walmart [if memory serves me, which who knows these days!].  Interestingly, Fireworks have become a political battle in the islands (think: Chinese new year and other Asian celebrations) and in order to make a purchase on Oahu, one must possess a special permit.

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6 thoughts on “iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap

  1. There is some debate as to whether iPhone photos constitute “photography.”

    Given that all of the photos in the Photoblog section of my blog — my humble attempt at photography — were taken with my iPhone 4, I’d be curious as to why anyone would consider that what I’m doing is not photography.

    Oh, I’m well aware that there are SLR and DSLR users who believe that “real photography” requires in-depth technical knowledge, and I know that many photographers frown on using Photoshop or the many iPhone apps for editing photos, but I consider all of these arguments to be snobbish and ridiculous.

    The iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera is a legitimate camera, and the apps are just artistic tools. Sure, the apps make it easier to add effects to photos that used to require a lot painstaking effort in the darkroom, but iPhone users still have to create a good composition, they still have make good choices about lighting, color balance and which effect suits which photo.

    Before getting the iPhone 4, I never attempted photography, other than family photos, because I hated having to carry a camera around with me. So, similar to how you described it, having a decent camera in my phone was a revelation and liberation.

    Anyway, I encourage you to not be apologetic about the photos you take with your iPhone.

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