Red Hook Fotoblog: Monday

Several weeks ago I took a walk though Red Hook, Brooklyn on my way to Fairway, one of the city’s finest supermarkets, for groceries.  As I walked, it struck me that Red Hook differs from Brooklyn Heights (and most of Manhattan) in the simple fact that street and public art dominate the cityscape.  It feels like something — art — is happening here.  I plan to visit this neighborhood again to continue to discover streets and alleyways.  Over the next several days, I will share some of the photos of my walk through Red Hook on that fine spring day.

Red Hook is home to many shipping and container docks, warehouses, and artists lofts.  This mural captures the “working” nature of the neighborhood.

Red Hook Works!


10 thoughts on “Red Hook Fotoblog: Monday

  1. I like murals painted on the side of buildings, as long as they’re well done. It just adds to the feel of the city. I agree, it’s art for the masses.

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