iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap #2

Walking through the neighborhoods of Seattle I was surprised and amazed to come upon this statue of Vladimir Lenin (yes, the communist one).  A small placard nearby said that after the fall of communism, an English teacher saved the statue from a scrap heap and convinced the Mayor of Seattle to buy and install it near a park.

Lenin in America


iPhoneography: Road Trip Recap

One thing I always carry with me is a mobile phone.  So even when have a camera, I still have one.  There is some debate as to whether iPhone photos constitute “photography.”   Instead of offering an opinion on the matter, this week I share favorite photos from my 2011 road trip.  All the following photos were shot with an iPhone and were taken when I didn’t have a larger camera along.

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I happened to be in Hawaii right before July 4.  I snapped this photo in Walmart [if memory serves me, which who knows these days!].  Interestingly, Fireworks have become a political battle in the islands (think: Chinese new year and other Asian celebrations) and in order to make a purchase on Oahu, one must possess a special permit.

Ready to Explode

Spring in Macro Fotoblog: Friday

Walking in the woods with my camera in hand causes me to pay attention.  To focus.  To capture the world in my mind.  Fruit trees, especially cherry, are some of my favorite exhibitionists.  Today they are shy and elusive; soon they will bare all.

Preparing for the Bloom

Spring in Macro Fotoblog: Thursday

Walking deeper into the woods, I encounter beings large and small.  Sometimes I don’t realize they are secret subjects of my photography until I get home and look closely.  Here, a bug clings to the underside of a bud — safe, secure, home.


Spring in Macro Fotoblog: Wednesday

A walk in the woods allows me to bear witness to the great unfolding of the season.  Here, a tree bursts forth with new form.  There, life pushes up the earth.  Everywhere, the landscape is alive.

The Great Unfolding

Spring in Macro Fotoblog: Monday

My favorite season, spring was beautiful this year in New York.  It seemed to start all at once with a huge bang, then hold on forever.  I explored the use of macro photography to capture the great unfolding.  This week I will share with you some of the pictures from the first signs of spring.  The photos in this series were taken over the course of one day in upstate New York near a town called Easton.

Birth of a New Cycle