How do I say thank you?

How do I say thank you for everything you have done for me?  
  You walked with me when I was down. 
  You lent me your ear when I needed to talk.
  You showed me compassion when I had none.
  You saved my life.
How do I express my gratitude for our relationship?  
  For the time we spent together.   
  For watering my plants and checking my mail when I was out of town.
  For laughing together and crying together.
  For bringing me soup and NyQuil when I was sick.  
How do I show you I’m sorry?
  I forgot to call on your birthday.
  I didn’t show up when I said I would.
  I neglected to tell you how important you are.  
  I didn’t make time for you.
How do I tell you I love you?  
  For dreaming with me.
  For grieving with me. 
  For celebrating with me. 
  For being with me.  
  For the love you have shown me. 
To my friends, family and loved ones on September 11, 2011: I am blessed because of you.

3 thoughts on “How do I say thank you?

  1. Leify:
    You are too much….This is a real tear jerker…..I love it and I love you…Glad you are having so much enlightenment and fun on this trip……Poor DD, got her car privileges suspended…..XO

  2. Leif:
    I am inspired by the learnings you are sharing on your journey. I am proud of you for taking up the challenge and creating your own legacy.
    Love, Uncle Bruce

    I second Bruce’s sentiments.
    Aunt Connie

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